1 – Become a member

Before entering a competition, you must first get your membership card. You can register online. Then, choose the regional competitions you would like to participate in. Find the category that fits you best according to your weight, level or age (see categories).

2 – Participate in events

To make sure you are up to the challenge, check the weight categories and the corresponding loads on the competition description page. When your choice is made, enter online. The payment will be made on the day of the event and there will be a weighing at the same time.

Become a member now!

Subscription or renewal
Under 18
Non-member of a club
Under 18
Member of a club
$25 / year

Already a member? The annual renewal is made after January 1st. Please wait after this date to renew.

Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for your card to be processed.  If you have any questions contact Mike : or call 450-501-0576.

Additional information

  • A membership in the federation is required of all competitors.
  • Parents signature required for athletes under the age of 18 at each competition
  • Examples of registered team or club : La Taule, etc. Verifications will be made by the directors.

Payment by check

It is possible to make payment by check, please make check payable to Alliance Canadienne des Athlètes de Force Amateur and send it to :

1855 Chenail road
Acton Vale, Quebec
Canada J0H 1A0

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Card

Send a email to $15 for everyone